04 — Reinvent

Retail reloaded: rethinking spaces and places

At Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, we welcome change as an opportunity. We dare to challenge the status quo and to constantly explore creative, forward-looking solutions. We apply this mindset to all our destinations, from our innovative office spaces to our world-class convention & exhibition centres and our outstanding retail spaces.

Retail has shifted toward providing unique experiences and moments that draw consumers back for more. In a connected world, our visitors expect to be entertained and brought together to share memorable and engaging experiences. We have been at the forefront of these changes and have taken a leading role in embracing leisure, dining, entertainment and the challenges of the new retail mix.

The Westfield experience

Come Together ad campaign to launch the Westfield brand in Continental Europe

  • Clean Bandit performs at Westfield Chodov, Czech Republic, September 2019

The day we became the premier global developer and operator of flagship destinations, we announced our ambition to introduce the Westfield brand across Continental Europe.
In September 2019, we delivered on this promise. Ten European flagship shopping centres welcomed the Westfield brand: seven in France – Westfield Les 4 Temps, Westfield Forum des Halles, Westfield Vélizy 2, Westfield Parly 2, Westfield Carré Sénart and Westfield Rosny 2 in the Paris region, Westfield Euralille in Lille; one in Sweden – Westfield Mall of Scandinavia in Stockholm; one in the Czech Republic – Westfield Chodov in Prague; and one in Poland – Westfield Arkadia in Warsaw. In addition, two developments have been renamed: Westfield Mall of the Netherlands near The Hague and Westfield Hamburg-Überseequartier in Germany.

The Westfield brand is the only global B2B and B2C brand for retail, leisure, entertainment and dining destinations. It is already a “signature” brand for the most iconic centres such as Westfield London and Westfield Stratford City in London, Westfield Century City and Westfield UTC in California, or Westfield World Trade Center in New York City.

With the Westfield brand, we are providing an experience that goes far beyond shopping. We create truly vibrant places where people can come together to meet, shop, dine, discover and be entertained. We combine sought-after brands, quality services, digital innovations, unique design and exclusive events to offer inspiring and memorable moments to our visitors. We deliver unprecedented social, out-of-home, immersive experiences. Westfield destinations are where people share joy and emotions. They are places where memories are made. Where people come together.

  • Morning yoga at Westfield Euralille, France

To promote the introduction of the Westfield brand, we launched the Come Together ad campaign in September 2019. This first Pan-European marketing campaign, featuring the classic Beatles hit of the same name, celebrates Westfield shopping centres as destinations where people come together.

Central to the campaign is the new brand film. Set inside a Westfield centre, the film directed by Fredrick Bond follows everyday shoppers as they are swept up in a contagious energy that makes them sing and dance to The Beatles’ iconic track. The playful choreography, combined with a new and modern version of the song, results in an entertaining film that embodies what Come Together at Westfield means. In conjunction with the brand film, print and social media ads featuring the coming together of different consumers, experiences and passions were launched.

The roll-out of the Westfield brand in Continental Europe will be continued in 2020 and 2021.

Discover how our teams made it all possible

Reinvent Being Together

How we reinvent being together

In today’s increasingly digital world, where contact is at our fingertips and everyone is reachable in just seconds, loneliness has never been so widespread. If online interactions are here to stay, people’s need to share, interact, and forge meaningful connections with others in real time is stronger than ever. Giving people the opportunity to be together is what our Group is all about.

Reinvent Being Together embodies the purpose of our Group. It is the reason we do what we do, it is our contribution to society, it is our reason for existing. We apply this philosophy to everything we do, from developments to operations, from our global strategy to the daily work of every employee. We are agents of change, setting our world in motion to imagine a better way to be together.

Our destinations bring together families and friends across generations. They are locally anchored, multi-purpose places where visitors can work or have fun, attend exciting events, connect, discover new trends and concepts, be surprised, feel welcome and belong. We create lasting experiences that invite visitors to connect to brands, to friends and family, to other shoppers, to their community, and to themselves. Spaces where people can create real human connections.

  • TASTE festival at Westfield Century City, United States
Beauty pop-up experience at Westfield London, United Kingdom

Reimagine The City: building the destinations of tomorrow

How we reimagine the city

The retail industry is taking on a new dimension as boundaries continue to blur between where we work, eat, sleep, and get entertained. At Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, we value our role as urban developers. As shopping destinations become more vibrant and mixed, we are committed to creating destinations that integrate everyday-life features. Premium residential buildings and innovative workspaces, together with quality shops, exclusive events, and exciting dining concepts are what make great destinations where people enjoy memorable experiences together. By bringing independent, fresh amenities to our developments we aim to inject vibrancy, as well as a sense of place into our communities.

Our talented teams are committed to designing and bringing to life the destinations of tomorrow

We design places in tune with new ways of life. We want to ensure that places we are building meet the needs of the modern urban consumer. Equipped with the latest trends, concepts and innovations, our mixed-use developments are well-connected and open to their direct environment. We imagine and bring to life future-oriented, sustainable districts to live, shop, work and be entertained, that blend into local communities and create vibrant city hubs.

The Cherry Park development project at Westfield Stratford City, United Kingdom, will bring 1,200 new homes to the heart of this dynamic destination (delivery expected post-2023)
  • Westfield Hamburg-Überseequartier, Germany

Westfield Hamburg-Überseequartier: a destination of a new kind

One of the major and most innovative mixed-use districts in Europe, and Hamburg’s largest development project, Westfield Hamburg-Überseequartier will be a new district of 14 buildings over a total area of 419,000 sqm. It will combine residential, with 650 apartments, offices for more than 4,000 workers, entertainment and leisure, restaurants (more than 40 dining spots), retail (approx. 200 stores in total), three hotels and a cruise terminal to reinforce Hamburg as a favourite destination for German and international tourists. For this ambitious project we cooperated with renowned local and international architects, such as Christian de Portzamparc, Carsten Roth Architekt and UNStudio, as well as Saguez&Partners for the interior design.

A bold new vision for Westfield Garden State Plaza

In the heart of Bergen County (New Jersey, US), we are creating an entirely new mixed-use experience right next to our Westfield Garden State Plaza flagship. Luxury apartments, an upscale hotel, modern offices, a chef-driven restaurant district, and health-and-wellness amenities will become part of a whole new neighbourhood – all alongside three acres of reimagined parks and open green spaces. Welcoming public plazas and gardens will further integrate the centre into the surrounding community. The Westfield Garden State Plaza neighbourhood will also become a local hub for events and entertainment, including everything from outdoor concerts to festivals.

  • Westfield Garden State Plaza, United States