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Sustainability in action at Westfield Chodov

Recognised as one of the Czech Republic’s “greenest” buildings for the fourth time, Prague’s Westfield Chodov shopping centre has again been awarded the prestigious international BREEAM In-Use certificate for sustainable buildings. Take a tour behind the scenes!

Westfield Chodov has held the BREEAM certification continuously since 2012. Even with this year’s updated certification process, including stricter rules and new areas of assessment, Westfield Chodov obtained an excellent result, which confirms the environmentally friendly building operation and management, the use of innovative technologies and the overall positive impact of the centre on its surroundings.



of energy used at Westfield Chodov is from renewable sources


of lighting uses energy-saving bulbs

tons of waste fully recycled annually by Westfield Chodov


of drinking water saved annually by repurposing groundwater

Here’s how our Westfield Chodov destination champions sustainable technologies:

  • Renewable energy: 100% of the energy used at Westfield Chodov comes from renewable sources. The centre uses solar energy to a large extent – for example, for water heating. There are small wind turbines on Westfield Chodov’s roof that generate the centre’s own energy. The lighting is also designed in a sustainable way, with 97% using 97% using energy-saving LED lamps.
  • Water management: Groundwater is largely used for flushing toilets. Thanks to its collection and treatment system, Westfield Chodov’s annual drinkable water consumption is approximately 13,200 m3 less, which is, for comparison, equivalent to the annual consumption of 101 four-member Czech households.
  • Waste management: 18 different kinds of waste are sorted at Westfield Chodov. In 2020 for example, Westfield Chodov sorted 1,180 tons of waste, of which 348 tons were fully recycled and the remainder was used to generate heat or electric energy. Waste processing is also supported by smart solar bins that can compact up to six times more waste than standard bins of this type. Customers can make use of regular bins for recycled waste or even special containers for used textiles.
  • Innovative technologies: There are 13,000 sensors installed in the building to monitor and control its energy performance. The system controls air circulation (air conditioning, ventilation) and lighting in the most efficient way, always considering the current weather or occupancy of the centre. Additionally, an autonomous UV robot takes care of cleaning the air and surfaces in the indoor spaces.

The current BREEAM In-Use certification is valid until 2025, when Westfield Chodov will undergo the assessment process again to renew it.

Smart and sustainable, Westfield Chodov
Smart and sustainable, Westfield Chodov
Driven by and for our community

Driven by and for our community

Driven by and for our community
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