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Our ambitious CSR programme, Better Places 2030, addresses the most strategic and impactful sustainability matters. While URW’s agenda on climate remains central, Better Places 2030 also onboards new environmental and societal challenges like responsible consumption and the circular economy, as well as critical social responsibilities on diversity and inclusion and employee well-being.


At URW, led by our purpose to Reinvent Being Together, we are careful, sustainable stewards of our assets and committed catalysts for the health and vitality of the environment and communities we serve.

Our Better Places 2030 programme has led our agenda ahead of our competitors, while the acceleration of interest and focus from consumers, retailers, key decision makers and our own teams inspires us to push further, making the major challenges we face – climate change, biodiversity loss, inclusion, to name a few – even more central to our operations, and our commitment to the future.

Jean-Marie Tritant Chief Executive Officer

Highlights from the year

In 2021, the Group continued to deliver a strong set of actions and outstanding results despite a challenging context created by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Reduction in total carbon emissions since 2015 (2030 target 50%)


European retail assets with highest BREEAM ratings

Jobs at URW shopping centres

Better Places 2030 priorities

Our strategy rests on three pillars to cover the most material topics for the Group. It aims at transforming and future-proofing our portfolio, giving purpose to our teams, drive to our retailers, experience to our visitors and shared value for our communities.

Better Places 2030 addresses the main challenges facing commercial real estate: moving towards a low-carbon economy and sustainable mobility, fully integrating the Group’s business activities within local communities, and empowering teams on sustainability and diversity. 


Move towards low carbon economy and sustainable mobility
Target: -50% carbon emissions across our value chain by 2030

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Be a catayst for growth within the communities in which we operate
Target: €20Mn social value generated by our community-oriented projects in 2021

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Empowe our people to become sustainability & diversity change-makers
Target: 100% – Group employees with yearly individual CSR objectives from 2020 onwards

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External recognition

Better Places 2030 and its associated performance has been ranked by key non-financial rating agencies among the most sustainable companies in commercial real estate. These acknowledgements s demonstrate the high CSR standards we adhere to, strengthening our position at the top level of our industry.

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Contribution to UNSDGs

We have embraced the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) as part of our CSR strategy. We are directly contributing to 10 out of 17 UNSDGs:

CSR governance

Better Places 2030 relies on an efficient CSR governance structure. It allows us to monitor performance and ensure full integration of Better Places 2030 in decision making, as well as to engage all stakeholders and employees of the Group to collectively achieve our CSR goals.

Embedding CSR in financing activities

Additionally, the Group is a pioneer of green and sustainability-linked financing. We issued Green Bonds in 2014 and 2015 to finance projects with high CSR standards in construction and operations. This was followed by sustainability-linked loans in 2017, 2018 and 2021 tying credit margins with CSR performance for a total of €4.1bn.  ​

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